Invercon is involved with multiple projects involved in the design, modelign, testing and evalution of aerospace vibration control and isolation technologies. Below, our most recent projects are summarized.


- “Edgewise Mission Adaptive Rotor”, Boeing Mesa, Prime Contract# HR0011-10-9-0001


- “Mission Adaptive Rotor" – Tiltrotor Program”, Bell-Boeing, Prime Contract# HR0011-10-C-0075


- “Mission Adaptive Rotor”, Sikorsky, Prime Contract# HR0011-10-9-0002


- “Kaman Aeromorph Servo-Flap”, Kaman Aerospace, CRI/NRTC Project# 2007-B-01-02.3-P4


- “Centrifugally Powered Pneumatic Actuation of Miniature Trailing Edge Effectors (MiTEs)”, WBS 11-B-11-12.1-A5


- “Novel, High-Authority Flap Actuation Concepts Using Single Crystal Stacks”, AATD Phase I SBIR Topic # A04-086, Contract # W911W6-05-C-0031


- “Robust Hybrid Feedforward-Feedback Control and Dynamic Rotorcraft Simulation for Active Vibration Control”, AFDD Phase I SBIR, Topic A07-006 Contract # W911W6-08-C-0020


- "Novel, High-Authority Flap Actuation Concepts using Single Crystal Stacks” AATD Phase II SBIR, Contract #W911W6-06-C-0002).


- “High Frequency, Layered Isolators for the Bell Model 427 Helicopter”, Bell, PSU, RITA Contract# WBS No. 04-B-07-11.1-S7


- “Rotary Wing Dynamic Component Life Tracking with Self-Powered Sensors”, KCF Technologies, Navy PHASE II SBIR # N68335-09-C-0176


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