Invercon is currently partnering with military and industry to develop state-of-the-art technologies for the aerospace industry. Below, are samples of our strategic partnering and collaborations:

Invercon is collaborating with Bell to develop high frequency layered gearbox isolators for future rotorcraft. These unique isolators provide passive solutions to irritating high frequency noise in aircraft.
Invercon has teamed with Lord Corporation early in the development of its frequency layered isolators. Lord has generations of experience designing and fabricating elastomeric parts for aircraft.
Invercon works closely with DoD, especially the aviation Applied Technology Directorate (U.S. Army) in the development of active rotor trailing edge flap actuation. Some of the innovative technologies explored rely on buckling phenomenon to magnify actuator displacement outputs while maintaining force capabilities.
Invercon is a member of the Boeing-Bell team looking into mission adaptive tiltrotor enabling technologies. Invercon focuses on the design, fabrication and testing of active rotor flow and vibration control technologies.
Invercon is working with Kaman to test and evaluate new control laws of pneumatically actuated aeromorph servo-flaps.
Sikorsky and Invercon have teamed up to investigate, develop and test novel mission adaptive enabling technologies for helicopter vehicles.
Invercon is a key component on the development of rotary wing dynamic life tracking devices. The devices being investigated are self-powered and can be mounted on critical components such as hub pitch links.
Penn State is a critical partner of Invercon LLC. Access to testing facilities, laboratories and novel fundamental research allows for Invercon to develop cutting edge technologies to solve the most challenging engineering problems related to vibration control.